Hide Archive Files Behind an Image

HideZip is an online tool that camouflage an archive file (e.g. zip / 7z / rar) as an image file (e.g. png / jpg / gif). They are displayed as an image in your file system with previews. But can also be opened by a archive manager to view and extract the archived files.

How it Works

Appear as an Image File

When a HideZip file is named with its original image file extension (e.g. png / jpg / gif), it can be viewed as an image by your operating system's file viewer. Image viewer programs (e.g. Preview on macOS) and editor programs (e.g. Photoshop) will open it as an image as well.

Open as an Archive

When a HideZip file is named with its original archive file extension (e.g. zip / 7z / rar), it can be opened by archive managers (e.g. 7-Zip File Manager). You can view and extract the files contained in the archive.

Some archive manager may have problems detecting the archive type thus unable to open the file. In such case you can explicitly instruct the software to open the HideZip file as a particular archive format.

For example in 7-Zip: Right click the file > Open Archive > zip


Easy To Use

Hide your archive files just by dragging and dropping your files into our web app.


Your files are processed locally on your browser. They never leave your computer.

Blazing Fast

We use an optimized algorithm to speed up the hiding process.